Moving city


The main idea is to use a visual style like long exposure photography effect (movement/ speed), as a metaphor of a place that represents the city dynamism.

Visual language of architecture is based on horizontal and elements and ilumination, which simulate a vanishing point and intensifying the perspective impression, to recreate the effect of long exposure and generate an atmosphere that evokes the dynamism, speed, exchange and development of a city in motion.

The roof is formed by beams of light and reflective material that work as LED lamp shades, allowing  to change the color of light and  simulate movement.

Station services are oriented in two ways:
- As a supplier of car related services.
- As a car related services suply.
- As a link between users and the demand and supply of the city (through agreements with companies and/or institutions).
- As a space to to make a break  and to contemplate the dynamism of the city

What name are you giving your service station concept?

Moving city

Which services does your service station offer?

  • Gas station
  • Shop and cafe Bonjour
  • Drive-in for shop and cafe
  • Public charging station (phones, tablets and other mobile devices)
  • City/Tourist Information Center

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