A futuristic service station that features mobile functionalities for the modern mobile society.


Recharging future cars (electrical and hydrogen)
  • The roof of the service station is covered with semi transparrent solar collectors.
  • The collums on side of the tankstation can be used to recharge carrs from the solar collectors or to refill hydrogen carrs. The collums catch rainwater at the top and can create hydrogen by using the energy from solar collectors on the roof of the service station.

mobility services
In the front of the station there is an extra drive-by service room. where costumers can pick up daily orders or missed packages.

  • drive-by postal package service - Al fulltime employed people and other people that order goods or receive packages, often miss the delivery. Most of the postal company's only deliver during working hours, at wich also the consumers have to work. At a drive-by postal service, people can suscribe as a standart missed package station. This means that al missed packages will be brought to this station and the consumer can pick it up.

  • drive-by collect youre groceries service- This service integrates the daily needs of people in to a service station. Over the day consumers can order theire daily groceries over the internet or an app by cellphone. The total service station will collect these groceries from partnered super markets and collect them as a package at the drive-by service. The consumer can than pik their groceries up on theire way home.

    What name are you giving your service station concept?

    -EmPowering- This stands for the recharging functionalities that the service station offers for vehicles and also the relaxation features it offers to the consumers.

    In an abstract way the name stands for enabling consumers to do MORE! and live MORE!

    What makes your service station unique?

    A futuristic styling that brings more services outside

    Which services does your service station offer?

    drive by super market postal delivery

    What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

    A very futuristic/modern style where most of the shapes are based on curves, as it underlines the natural part of the t'air concept direction.