PRO-TOTAL (Hydrocarbon Prototypes)
PRO-TOTAL Hydrocarbon Prototypes


Hydrocarbons are those organic compounds which are considered as the basis of organic chemistry; these molecular chains formed by hydrogen and carbón atoms, generate multiple and differents essential elements for man, such as oil, main ingredient for gasoline. The gasoline is used as fuel for vehicles, service provided by TOTAL', which currently seeking sustainability through renewable and / or alternatives energies to offer their customers, looking meet needs by the conscious use of resources. It is for this reason that we develop a self- sustainable PROTOTYPE, with the ability to join other prototypes to be more effective, using the representation of those chains formed by hydrogen and carbon particles. PRO-TOTAL Prototypes are not only an architectural concept, because through applications and services, PRO-TOTAL seeks to promote sustainibility within TOTAL customers.

What name are you giving your service station concept?

The name of the station is PRO-TOTAL (Hidrocarbon prototypes). The inspiration for the name of the station comes from those chemical chains composed by hydrogen and carbón, the basis of the organic chemistry, directly related to fuels and renewable sources of energy. The Pro-total prototypes arent just an architectural concept, because through the new services and applications that is offered by the station, TOTAL seeks to promote sustainibility within the clients.

What makes your service station unique?

The PRO-TOTAL station is unique because the prototypes that composed the station creates an intelligent atmosphere for the customers, taking into consideration the client's immediate needs, making conscious use of the resources that TOTAL offers through the T-Air concept. Also, the prototypes are develop to have the ability to linked to each other, which means that the prototypes can be used in others TOTAL stations located around the world, having the advantage of being replaced individually.

Which services does your service station offer?

Car services: Gas pumps, car wash, oil change, vehicular natural gas, water/air and Tire; Alternative energy sources, biofuels, mechanical service, electrical vehicle charging, customizing account and touch screens to make more secure and efficient the service. Customer services: Café, Cashier, food/drink/wine shop; PRO-TOTAL app, terrace/view point, bike rental, waiting and resting areas, reading/working area, cinema, touch and interactive screens for benefits and services of PRO-TOTAL app.

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

The prototypes are individual and self-sustaining with the ability of connected/grouped for greater efficiency and a better operation. These prototypes are developed to give the possibility to TOTAL to use them not only in this station, if not all TOTAL stations around the world.

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