TOTAL sustainable service station based on natural cycles to provide energy to vehicles and people.


AEROBIA performs the same way as nature does.  In a complex web of relations, every output of a process becomes a useful input for another one.  Through the use of natural cycles and basic technologies, renewable energies are implemented and resources are saved.  It's a human-centered station that fosters human well-being (physically and mentally throughout excercise, oxygen generation  and responsible practices), while providing necessary services for vehicles and daily life.  Sustainability and accessibility are the main guidelines.

What name are you giving your service station concept?

AEROBIA. An aerobic environment is that one rich in oxygen, AEROBIA stands for the land of oxygen regeneration. * Fuel for vehicles is the same as oxygen for people, this service station provides both.

What makes your service station unique?

It seeks environmental, social and economic sustainability. It's an holistic service station comprising not only local, on-site needs and dynamics but also external needs and opportunities. It's a place to refuel vehicles and also to refuel the body and mind as it promotes physical excercise, recycling habits and sustainable transport in change for TOTAL products and services. Planned to meet actual real needs, while using systemic design principles to generate new local opportunities and jobs

Which services does your service station offer?

TOTAL EP rechargeable card for discounts, Bike Sharing, Self-Service Station (gas, biofuel, fuel and electricity), Café/Boutique, Park Gym, Toilets, Recycling Area, GreenLane Monitoring Service, Carwash, Delivery Service, Air/Water Station, Disability Service.

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

The design concept is based on natural forms and relations. It is conceived to represent natural and organic shapes while achieving an stylized design which relates to a futuristic posture. The lower level represents the Earth, where you can find fuels, purification of water, biodegradation and recycling processes, etc. On the upper level you find land, water and finally air. Water for the algae, land for the people and air to propel one of the main energetic sources in the system.

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