total-people to people
Total gas station has become now a social hub!enjoy your coffee or tea,while watching the city shape


Please read all the description to understand the concept!

Nowadays,people tend not to talk to each other,but only to keep their eyes on their smartphone and media!It's simple to see that a gas station gather people around and that is easy to develop,making from this,a place to meet and to spend time with friends and family! This tower that I propose has a variaty ways to enjoy your time!Each module has a specific theme( coffee,tea,books,music,movies,games...etc) where you can relax and have a better view of the city,Berlin! Urbanistic speaking,this gas station is place just in the heart of Berlin,and this tower can be a landmark!during the night has a vertical light,so you can see it from afar!  The gas station itself is futuristic too,each pomp have a touchscreen panel,where you can type you selction,and after that all is automatically! a robot will put gas/diesel/or electric in your car! Also thers's a underground parking area for those who want to enjoy more of the services! 
 From sustenabily point,I created a geothermal pomp just under the station,that provides energy for the gas station! you can see it from that;s a good point,cause architects like all to be smooth and simple :) 

What name are you giving your service station concept?

Total -people to people (Menschen für Menschen)

What makes your service station unique?

The way people spend their time there,what can see from above! unique???the tower is a signal for the city,a place to meet!

Which services does your service station offer?

The tower itself has a lot of services where you can:eat,drink coffee or tea,read a book,listen to music, relax and watch the city from above!

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

As I allready mention,the tower is the thing! it;s a signal,is a meeting point,is for everyone!

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