Total space station 2
Continuing the theme of "Total space station"


Form station emphasizes the harmonious relationship between the development of new technologies and care for the environment. In the form of the station can be seen the elements that resemble a space station or a bird.

Waterfall with natural vegetation is a symbol of unity and harmony.

Visually form the station looks complicated, but it consists of standardized segments.

The segments have a ready-made. On the site they are mounted and interconnected.

Services: Improving Cafe Bonjour.

Now visitors can go to a cafe Bonjour straight from the streets

What name are you giving your service station concept?

Total space station 2

What makes your service station unique?

New concept station TOTAL and CAFE BON JOUR

Which services does your service station offer?

New and comfortable CAFE BON JOUR

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

Biodesign of the station looks great in a modern city

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