TOTAL SPECTRUM by Stefan Marjanovic




The basis of idea is in the very name of gas station " Total Spectrum" . Such as the incredibly versatile spectrum of light is , so are the features , services , options and  company thinking  far-reaching and open minded and looking towards a cleaner future!


Every detail, material, plant and  color are driven by the thought of an environmentally sustainable space.



            ROOF : Roof form reminds of waves of light and constant movement, because life is  movement ! The shape of the roof is not that only reminds of waves, also shows the continuity and wholeness through the whole  station because  it continues through the interior and then go out again in the form of pedestrian walking track toward the station interior .

It was created in order to show the station as a major mechanism of features possibilities and services, that work well only if they are connected into one large entity such as is the case here.

            PEDESTRIAN TRACK: pedestrian paths that takes users to the pump, not only draws attention to its individuality, but it is there to make people proud and fulfilled, as they walk over the path that was created from positive and ecological vision of the future.

            PLANTS : another proof of the openness and desire for a better and cleaner environment is greenery and the flowers planted all around and in the gas station.

And it is an integral part of the station design solution. Flowers are perfectly matched with the combination of colors and eco-materials used for construction. It is used to make effect on every user to feel positive healthier and cleaner, and to make distraction from oil and gas pollution thinking.




As with all of the above and the materials are there to show and tell the vision of "Total Spectrum" station .
            ROOF : roof and roof panels are made of polymethyl methacrylate which is particularly environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, light, strong, easily workable, cost effective, and excellent for creating the effect of colors.

            CAFFE OFFICE AND STORE ROOF is also made from polymethyl methcrylate.

            CHAIRS WALLS AND SMALL PARTS are made of polycarbonate plastic.
            FLOOR GROUND AND PEDESTRIAN TRACK are made of PARMAX plastics. This type of plastic is strongest plastic made so far in mass production and it is stronger than steel . It is hard  to be damaged and it can hold cars passing by over it very easy with out any damaging .

            FRAME AND PILLARS FOR ROOF AND SAFETY PARTS are made from steel.




up to date with modern architecture and directions colors and light  are the basis for impressiveness .In this design colors that are used are dominant strong and most important very positive. Colors that are proved to be strongly positive and memorable to the user are used in this design . Nice colors and hidden lights and daylight create effects in the room, and especially strong on the outside of the station ,which would be expressively pleasant experience to users.

and they will remember "Total Spectrum "  station as positive enlightened authentically enjoyable and memorable, and most importantly, they will have the desire and the need to re-become part of this unique experience "Total Spectrum" station provides.

What name are you giving your service station concept?


What makes your service station unique?

Using new light materials that are eco friendly.

Which services does your service station offer?

petrol and diesel stations ,stations for water and air , stations for electrical charging, Bicycle park and rental ,resting places , outside cafe ,inside bar and cafe ,restaurant , shop , traveling info , reception ,medical care , car wash , toilets ,showers , bakery , Free WiFi .

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

In this particular design , modern lines ,bio degradable plastic materials and forms are used to express eco and light weight thinking .

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