New vision for the TOTAL service station,natural fluid atmosphere, innovative & sustainable design


This design concentrates on sustainability aspects and  natural public integration of the station into the urban context by creating an interesting / natural feel to the space and also adding new public services, that are  appealing not just for the station's clients but for the general public.

Sustainability aspects:

-using alternative/clean fuel pumps -Electricity , Biodiesel,  Ethanol, Hydrogen, Natural Gas, Propane
-use of prefabricated timber structural elements - reduces the period of construction and is much more  friendly to the environment than normal metal structures
-use of photovoltaic transparent glass roof -produces clean free energy for the station LED lighting system, while also allows entrance of sunlight
-asphalt pavement solar collectors - uses the sun heat from the pavement to heat water or even generate electricity from it

What name are you giving your service station concept?

Energy Waves

What makes your service station unique?

Use of natural wood materials (timber prefabricated structural elements) that makes the design sustainable and climate neutral, and also brings a natural fluid atmosphere ,making it more public friendly / easier to integrate in the urban context

Which services does your service station offer?

Car Services : Conventional fuels, Clean/alternative fuels (Electricity , Biodiesel,Ethanol,Hydrogen,Natural Gas,Propane), Car wash.

Indoors: Shop, Cafe Bar & Bakery, Free Wireless Network, Restrooms,Baby Care, Storage , Office Staff, Recycling/Waste Room.

Outdoors:Recreational Area & Bicycle Rental for the general public.

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

Organic fluid design, inspired by the shape of energy vibration waves, and based on the use of natural wood materials, to bring that natural warmth , comfortable atmosphere, and to really integrate harmoniously the station into the modern metropolitan neighborhood.

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