T-Raum Project (Traum Project)
A few changes, but decisive (nothing spectacular).


In the future, the service stations of the city will focus primarily on the supply of electric cars (short distances), abandoning gradually traditional fuels (petrol, diesel, etc..). We must therefore focus on the entertainment of the customers: treat those who use the electric car as a privileged people, providing them with a private box. We must to sacrifice (for this station), the lotus wash, obtaining other environments and expanding existing ones. We have to divide the Cafè from the Shop, and the Shop has to sell in addition to food, even everything we need for the car (tires, floor mats, oil, wiper blades, etc.), competing with the big Malls.
The roof exterior is very simple but extremely functional: made ​​entirely of steel and glass also has another function: it acts as a rainwater collector but it can also melt the snow, like a windshield. The glass panels are slightly inclined to the front, so as to drain the rain water in the pillars and finally in the cistern. For the area "Air and Water", is used a stone structure reminiscent of the old Roman aqueducts. The blue stripe on the asphalt, indicate the area for the charging of electric cars. A small enviroment is dedicated, at last, to the installation of tires we just bought in the shop (and why not, the oil change).

What name are you giving your service station concept?

T-Raum Project (Traum Project)

What makes your service station unique?

Because it's a hybrid between the service station of the present and service station of the future.

Which services does your service station offer?

Car Services: Fossil fuel, Green fuel (Electric), Tire Center. Indoors: Cafè & Bar, Shop, Private Box, Free WIFI. Outdoors: Public Toilets, Recycling/Waste Room.

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

Functional Design, Quality increasingly rare today.

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