Total Simplicity: Service in a box, Thinking outside the box.
The Total Service station that can transition from "T-Air" into "T-Ghost".


In a world where resources are running low and consumerism is high, we have to take a halt and rethink how we live & work in order to sustain the future generation. We need to get back to the "simplicity of life" and incorporate  that into how we design. Cutting down on the amount of material we specify for a project and using what is already existing are ways to promote sustainability. 

The concept of this Total service station is to ride on the “T-Air” model by integrating the idea of simplicity and sustainability. The idea is to reduce the ecological foot print a service station takes by creating prefabricated, modular units made from reclaimed shipping containers.
 They can be easily transported to site, assembled and disassembled if need be. This concept would then allow the service station to transition from “T-Air” into “T-Ghost”, thus leaving a small impact on the land it stood on. 

What name are you giving your service station concept?

Total Simplicity

What makes your service station unique?

It is an entirely modular service station that can be taken down easily, transported and reassembled on another site with minimum damage to the land on which it sits. Each of these service stations can vary in size and diversity of the services provided based on its demographic location.

Which services does your service station offer?

A cost effective motel solution for the wary traveler with modern conveniences , Cafe, Bike rental, Retail Store, Fuel Station, Car wash, and parking.

What design style are you choosing for your service station and why?

Modularity and deconstruction. Shipping containers are easily transported, can be reused, deconstructed and re-designed into something new for a cost effective solution.