Transform your time!

Pitch an unconventional and engaging concept to drive awareness and buzz for Bitbop’s launch in Germany.


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i already adddressed these taks in the first bitbop contest. is it okay to resubmit my old entry along with additional details?

Well if it fits the brief (keep in mind that they have now defined their key message - transform downtime) and if you actually develop a guerilla campaign out of it, of course!

I have a question. Can we assume that most of the target consumers have already owned smartphones?

hey martintijoe, as our target group is middle class to upper class (meaning they have the necessary income) and moreover is tech savvy/tech forward, meaning they are early adopters of new gadgets and new media formats, you may assume that most of them own smartphones.

Thank you for your reply. I have another question. Does bitbop incur a large cost by giving each new user (only during the promotion period) on average about 1 month of free subscription? Can I simply ignore this in the cost consideration?

hey martintjioe, one month of free subscription should definitely be possible!

How have I not jumped on this yet? This looks hella cool.

are there some vector logos available?

Just uploaded the Bitbop logo in EPS format for you.

Hey guys, in case you haven't seen it yet, there's a little post on our blog with some BTL inspiration that might be helpful for this contest: Read it here.

I think rudimentary the ideas are good in this contest. But "THE IDEA" that rocks still missing! :-( Include my ideas!.... Hey guys Focus on the task! We need technical creativity here! :-) 15 days left

I hope it comes soon.....

You're right sidata - we see lots of really nice sparks, but most of the ideas still need some more work. 12 days to go, show us what you can do, guys!

I joined today and I have just been hanging around, looking at ideas, and yes some are nice, but quite a few seem to have followed the brief,... looking forward to being here!

question :) which month approximatelly are bitbop planning their launch ? im mean is it going to be winter or summer? or they dont know yet ? :)

Thank you in advance, Nathalie :)

I'll check back with the client and will let you know!

Can the client, send someone to look over the ideas and let us know - towards what end we are moving ?

Hey tyby82, yesss the client had a look at the ideas. They are already really satisfied with the approaches and now waiting for further refinement of the concepts - especially connecting all those offline events with online experiences should be a focus to work on (I've given individual feedback where necessary). Other than that, please keep in mind that bitbop is not about movies but TV shows, so movie scenes etc. should rather not be part of your ideas. Most of the ideas are on a really good track though, and just need some more finishing!

I like this contest, i will design something nice plz help(if i make any mistake :P) me guys i am new here.

Go ahead, we will help you leverage your idea!

Hm, I would love to provide ideas - but I think it's better to watch Zattoo while waiting for Hulu.

Guys, tyby82 commented on the inspiration blogpost, with a link to an article with really inspiring social media campaigns, have a look here - thanks, tyby82!

I am very interesting these contest

Schade... Habe jetzt einige dutzend Ideen durchgelesen und bisher kaum eine gute Viralmarketingidee gesehen.

Hat den niemand das Briefing gelesen?

Schade, die Bewerbungsfrist ist schon zuende.... sonst hätte ich auch gerne eine Idee eingereicht. Oder kann man dies noch tun?

Und ich wette, die kleinste Idee von mir ist besser als das was ich hier gelesen habe.

Is too late, the submission deadline passed a few hours ago.

Wow, somebody is being very self-confident ;) I have to disagree, Phil_Logphie - if you actually read through the idea descriptions in detail, you will discover a lot of really good approaches - even if not all of them are finalized concepts, most of them reveal really unconventional and inspiring sparks. Unfortunately it's not possible to submit ideas anymore - anyway, hope to have you on board next time!

Yes, show us your "great" ideas, that we also have the chance to comment and vote.

Einige Leute haben mich doch wirklich gefragt wie ich Viralmarketing definiere?

  • Ein Mem ist eine Gedankeneinheit oder Wissensinformation.
  • Durch Kommunikation ihrer Träger vervielfältigt sich diese.
  • Damit sich diese Gedankenheit vervielfältigt muss ein Anreiz geschaffen werden.
  • Das soziale menschliche System muß dabei ausgenutzt werden.

Hinweis! Diese Informationen sind für das Viralmarketing wichtig. - Jeder Mensch ist eigennützig. - Wir schließen uns aus Eigennutz in Gruppen zusammen. (Eine Hand wäscht die andere) - Der Mensch ist bestrebt seine Macht auf andere zu erhalten und auszuweiten und seine Wichtigkeit zu demonstrieren.

Nehmen wir einen Pflaumenbaum als Beispiel. Der Pflaumenbaum möchte seine Gene (Wissenseinheit) in große Mengen weit streuen (geographisch). Wie gelingt es ihm? Der Pflaumenbaum ködert Tiere mit seinen Früchten, diese werden gefressen und im Darm des Tieres fortgetragen bis es seinen Darm entleert.

Eine gute Viralmarketingidee muß einen Köder haben, welche von einigen geschnappt und weitergetragen wird.

Hier einige gute Beispiele:

?????? ???? ? ????????? ?? ???? ?? ???????? ???????

Naelewa tu kituo cha treni ;) easy game

Hiyo ilikuwa lengo! :-D

I do not really understand the voting behavior in this puplic contest! How can it be that fun entries and not really developed concepts are so far ahead and well-developed concepts so much behind? I don't get the voting criterias of some community members! P.S.: I'm not talking about my approach.

Agree. I propose a final jury voting for public contests. Or even better... no more public contests. Don't see any benefit for the client or jovoto.

you have it backwards. the private contests are far worse than public contests in terms of ridiculous rankings. at least with public contests there are too many total votes for the aggressive social raters to skew the results with bad sportsmanship. i agree that none of the contests on jovoto have been in the client's best interest.

The fact that the ranking after the end of the voting periode dramatically changed after jovoto's correction shows the lack of fairness in public contest. jovoto can analyse who is trying to manipulate the result. Why don't you exclude those members from future contests?

I agree totally with voto. All fake accounts has to delete to

congrats all winners

Congrats to the winners!

Congratulation to all the fair competitors and winners!

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