"TV"-ad on TV Tower + Window Backlight
Bitpop is a TV product. The Berlin TV Tower is next to our Building. We could project claims on the TV Tower wall from our Office building (permission by telebroadcast required). We have big windows in our own office that could be covered with translucen


Our offices are in the middle of berlin and visible to many Berliners and guests. This campaign could easily and cheaply attract the public at almost no cost (except for the translucent curtains)

The Image and the claim attached are only an example and have to be imagined during the night. Special light effects especially the projection on the Teletower could emphasize the effect.

To add viral effects throughout Germany we could start a campaign "Beam Bitbop" in Social networks or together with the initial beam on the Teletower. Idea: Like we did in Berlin, people should do it at home: Beam Bitbop on your home-wall. We provide a Bitbop Logo. People are asked to beam the logo in their hometown in public places. Make a photo and upload this foto. We can decide about a reward for the most amazing beam.

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