bitbop communitv!


Feel free to pick up any of the bitbop smartphones or tablets you will find around your city. Enjoy your favorite tv shows, create a video if you want and share it in the bitbop communitv by Login or Sign Up. You can only have it for 24 hours because there is someone waiting for it to do the same as you did.


enjoy. create. share.

The basic idea of this campaign it's to do a bitbop tvcrossing campaign for a few months to create awareness of bitbop mobile tv services, to create a real experience to make in the target the "I want and I need" feeling for bitbop. 

Besides this, the campaign will have a communitvcrossing(in youtube, in a facebook fan page, or in bitbop official website) to share all the user experience and become this into a big viral bitbop video sharing campaign.


We will start with a few devices day by day, and as more people get involve we free them all. The devices will have and INCREDIBLE customize design for this campaign(in progress...), with the bitbop concept of tvcrossing all the city.


We can also make a joint marketing with the "Devices Companies" to get a better price for the campaign or maybe we can split the campaign budget to reach a bigger territory. Like "all their devices" comes with bitbop services 3 days tryout and all the bitbop tvcrossing devices would be just from this company.

Actual Budget - �50000

Devices Price(aprox)

- Smartphones: $150(333 unidades / 50000euros)

- Tablets: $250(200 unidades / 50000euros).


I know this could sound a little crazy but if it worked perfectly with books, why not with bitbop tvcrossing campaign?...


"Inspired in the bookcrossing campaign"...

Answers to Nathalie Sonne(contest guide):

1. How do you make sure people return their phones?

Because they will have to register to use it and as that, the device will know when this user started till the 24 hours, also if this user starts to clone more emails, inmediately bitbop can find this user because of the GPS that will be included in all the devices.

2.- How do you make sure they treat them well so they don't break too fast?

Because they will have to register to the bitbop tvcrossing campaign to start use it for the next 24hrs totally free, bitbop team will always know who are their users by their personal info and the GPS.

3.- Where would you place them?

Urban target's favorite places in the main cities bitbop needs to spread the viral campaign(you will see it at the updated slides).


The prices of the devices will have to be negociate with a brand or two, in this way bitbop can get wholesale low prices by a smart joint marketing strategy.

4.- What about - it's people that are waiting in some place and they can only keep the phone as long as they are waiting (instead of 24hrs)


I really like the idea of the target to take the devices(24hrs or less) because they need to feel the real bitbop experience to get engage with the brand.


I like your suggestion idea, of this "waiting"spots can have bitbop tvcrossing devices for the people to use them while they are waiting, and if they want they can take it, but just for 24hrs; some will do it, some others don't and will leave it in the same place for the next users.


And it will be the same with all the bitbop tvcrossing devices, you can take it to give it back in the next 24hrs or you can use it to enjoy and have fun for a while; then they might leave it at the tvcrossing bitbop source place.


5.- How do we save bitbop tvcrossing devices?


bitbop tvcrossign security devices features


1.- GPS include (monitoring by bitbop communitvcrossing webmaster)

2.- User's Registrations (users personal information for each one)

3.- Ensurance (in case any device get lost or damage)


With this 3 security features bitbop it's covered


bitbop tvcrossign user's device features


- Free bitbop tv full service for 24hrs each user


- Bitbop or website platform where all the users will have to introduce their data, device tracking code and personal information; also this online platfom will have the "history" and "mapping" of all the tvcrossing data.


- Connected live with the bitbop communitvcrossing online to enjoy, create and share bitbop content and user's broadcast videos as well to spread the viral and make of this viral campaign a real BUZZ.


- Tracking GPS Code to know where are all the devices at the time; this will just can be seen by bitbop internal manager webmaster project team administrators.


- Blocked any type of programming configuration. They user can customize just desktop wallpapers, new personal recorded videos gallery and audio ringers or voice features.


More coming soon...