The show's in your hands
The show's in your hands



If we have a word to spread, usually we tell something to somebody and people share with each other. In order to create some kind of buzz between people, we have to creat some mistery. This mistery is reachable when we give some clues to the espectator.

The words "Coming Soon", the mobile devices and the pictures of the most known tv-shows are the way to create this whisper about BitBop service. Another important element that is totally necessary is the icon or logo of BitBop. The colour coming from red helps to attract attention from people.

Now we have to spread all these components where people can get the first contact with the service: going to work, at home, radio, internet and magazines.
- TV ads
- Radio ads
- Internet: website or banners
- Billboards: train station, bus station, metro station, airports