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What is a guerrilla musical? Please first look at :-) on 800.000x viewed in 3 weeks! viewed on 7.000.000x 3.700.000x viewed (Airport Musical)


ImprovEverywhere is the best known group.

In a waiting area (eg airport gate, U-Bahn station, train station) or in a collective means of locomotion such as: bus, tram, train, ferry, subway, or the like.

A man sits e.g. in the airport gate with 200 other people waiting. He stands up and says loudly melodic: "I'm bored ... I'm bored, I do not know what to do.." The waiting people think he would possibly crazy. He repeats it again, singing and supplemented it with more things he would like to do now as an exciting feature film look, are continuing their training with documentation and wiser, laugh, watch movies and comedy, but he is sitting here with other waiting. He asks the people whether you are also not boring.

A woman gets up and answers, that you are bored. She has no book and would be happy to talk now.
An elderly woman stands up and says: "What is this ...."? Now you too begins to sing. "Each of us would like to do something interesting ..."

A security guard comes and asks, "What the circus is here?" - It looks grim for the people who have just sung.

The people answer together: "We want entertainment, movies, documentaries, ..."The security guard begins to sing "... and of course, sports to not forget." A small Polonaise (Parade) is formed in the gate. The people sing, what things would you like to see now on your mobile phone.

A man keeps looking at his notebook - he stands up. "I have the solution - Bitbop, the mobile television". He shows his netbook to a broadcast on the run.

Other people get up and get out your suitcases bitbop posters. After a minute, listen to everything. People pack undgehen your posters in all directions. The waiting people are confused ...


The Videoclip:
The complete guerrilla musical is taken from 3 to 4 cameras. The material is cut and assembled into a clip. Especially important is the behavior of the 200 people receive and engage in appropriate situations in the clip. At the end of the clip, a code is displayed with this, the viewer of the clip 4 weeks Bitbop FREE trial. On connection, the audience asked the clip to friends, acquaintances, relatives, ... rebroadcast.

The video clip uploaded to various video platforms.. In social media platforms, the clip will be published. Blogger Funseiten operators, multipliers, ... be written - about 500The clip is placed prominently on Funseiten. Media websites such as WCT, horizon, Kress, MEEDIA ... report on successful and innovative social media campaigns.

A few interesting guerrilla musicals are: on 800.000x viewed in 3 weeks! viewed on 7.000.000x 3.700.000x viewed (Airport Musical)

This is exactly the target group: male, 20 - 45 years old, looks like Videos, Technology Enthusiast


The emotion (from Latin: ex "out" and motio "movement, agitation) is a psychophysiological process, through the deliberate and / or

unconscious perception and interpretation of an object or situation and is triggered by physiological changes

cognitions, subjective emotional experience and a willingness to change the behavior goes hand in hand. Emotions occur when

A story or narrative (Latin: narration) is a form of representation. We mean the reproduction of an event (a

"History") in oral or written, and the act of storytelling itself, the narrative.

With a narrative can be described acts, it is easier to remember than individual facts.The story includes emotions and has a slogan as a title. The story would entertain, inform, and aims to emotions (music, surprise ...)

A slogan (dt [slo ? ?n?], Eng. [Sl????n]) is a catchy slogan. He is the title of the story.