The bitbop girl
Das Konzept baut auf Interaktivität. Die enge Verknüpfung zwischen Offline und Online soll den Verbraucher in erster Linie unterhalten um die Marke bitbop in positiver erinnerung zu behalten.


Why will bitbop get attetion through this?

It fits exactly to the needs of bitbop:

  • viral campaign combining off- and online
  • made for customer with tablet-pc and smartphones
  • it uses perfectly the bitbop logo as real TV display and takes up the streaming technique
  • huge presence in the cities through the bitbop girl with the foam cube

What is so special about this idea?

It is the INTERACTION that will thrill the people. The fact that the customer don�t just makes videos with the camera of his own mobile or tablet-pc, but getting filmed by the bitbop logo and on top has to activate it through is mobile is pretty innovative and reflects the bitbop technology.

The whole attention-grabbing situation will affect on other pedestrians or drivers, too.

The social networks

Posting, blogging and twittering is getting quite ordinary, so the posts and campaigns have to produce absolutetly new ideas to catch the people and make them follow or get fans.

So this viral campaign focuses more on the offline action and fun for the customers than being made to entertain the social networks. They are just tools to spread the offline campaign. Even if people don�t have mobile phones they will pay attetion.