Time Management Update
Gain initial business from the contest and greater awareness from those who come to bitbop to vote for their friends. The metro handles give an added boost.


I am including an example video that could be shot as a commercial for this idea and played in the train and metro stations.  I feel the poster idea would be less expensive but this is an option.

Take photos representing the story boards.  Place on a series of posters in order going into the metro or train stations.  Then produce metro handles as in picture # 8.

Okay. The first 7 pictures above are story boards representing a business meeting. They would need to be photographed with real people for impact. They outline the benefits of Bitbop. TV on your schedule... They can either be printed as posters (small billboards ) and hung in order going into the metro or train stations or played on digital screens in the order they are presented. I thought the poster idea would save money. They also outline a competition in which people submit photos or videos of themselves using Bitbop to save time.

1. The idea points out the benefits of Bitbop.
2. It encourages people to sign up for a free trial.
3. It outlines a contest in which people submit videos or photos of themselves using Bitbop.
4. It encourages the contest entrants to let all their friends know about Bitbop so that they can go to the Bitbop website and vote for their favorite videos and pictures.
5. It has prizes that encourage the use of Bitbop.
6. Picture 8: The subway handles are handles that are held onto when you are on the subway. They point out that you could be spending your commute watching your favorite TV shows using Bitbop.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if it doesn't. I guess I should have said metro instead of subway.