Hi, This is advertising FM Radio Channels/stations. This is one of the powerful advertising media in the present time. Mostly young people who listen to music will get the knowledge and news about what is currently selling like hot cakes.


The Young minds are people in the society who get knowledge and news about the latest technologies in the world and they are keen to know what is going on.

The Campaign should be done in teh following way:

1. Bitbop needs to make an contract with all Leading FM Channel stations to run contest on behalf of Bitbop.

2. Then at the same time Bitbop needs to have a legal contract with Telecom company to sent free SMS to all its users across the city. This contract should be done at the lowest price possible.

This will give birth to desire and interest in the mind of the people. They will be very curious to know what the contest is all about.

4. Running the Contest: The contest should be at a convinient time, when all people from all types of age can listen to this. Specially the young people.

5. The question or anything that is used during the contest should be very easy, so that many people can think that they can participate and thus they get encouraged when they see others win easily in the contest.

6. The gifts or prizes should be very attractive, which the young people like it.


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