Green is Sexy Please Rerate
This idea demonstrates the creative and sexy side of saving the environment while transforming your time with Bitbop.



Green Is Sexy Video and Photo Contest

Pic 1- Will be printed on Static Cling Decals 8 1/2" X 11".  They can be easily hung, easily taken down, and are reusable.

Pic 2- Website-

Pic3- Website-

Pic4- Cost

This idea can be done on posters or  as a comercial.  Picture the sexy femme fatale inviting people to send bitbop their creative and sexy ways to save the environment while using Bitbop. 

I'm watching bitbop while I take the train. 
I'm using bitbop while I take the metro.
I'm using bitbop while I commute so I have more time to plant trees.
I'm using bitbop to save gas and time by not driving to the theater, video store.
I'm having dinner while watching Bitbop after work to avoid traffic jams on my drive home.

 It's about time going green was fun.  It presents an image of global awareness mixed with a flirty and spirited persona. 

1.  Gets the attention of the target audience.
2.  Invites people to participate.
3.  Creates interest in bitbop and enviromental concerns.
4.  Tells what the product is.
5.  Invites people to the site.
6.  Creates buzz.

This could be a contest where the winners'  videos get used in a bitbop commercial. 

The last picture shows a combination of the three story boards.