Before and After Please Rerate
Before and After Campaign


This idea is based on the before and after diet and beauty ads but targeted toward Bitbop.  The posters have QR codes on them that link to an url on  Picture 6 shows an example landing page.  Picture 7 has cost and other information.

Make prints like the examples in pictures 1-5.  Example photos come from Print them on Static Cling Decals at 8 1/2" x 11".  This can easily be placed on glass and other slick surfaces.  They are simple to hang, remove, and can be reused.

Pic#1- shows example static window clings that can be placed around town.  They will stick to Uban windows, store windows, soda machines, etc. and the best thing about them is they are easy to put up, easy to take down, and reusable.  Of course, pictures of the actual backpack and breifcase would need to be inserted. Cost Analysis and where to get them wholesale is listed below.

Pic#2- shows the details at the website.

Pic#3- Bacpack Promo

Pic#4- Briefcase Promo

Pic#6- Cost and Links

Old Idea
Bitbop could give away free Blackberry Gel Skins with slogans printed on them as in the pictures above.  They could make an arrangement with stores carrying Blackberrys to pass them out.  Posters could be displayed in the store window that look like the pictures above.  Stores could use the freebies to bring customers into their store.  Win, win.  Bitbop could also make a deal with Blakberry to give them away with Blackberrys when they sell them.  They could make a deal with cell phone companies to give them away with blackberry purchases.  Pick the favorite 3 slogans to be produced.

Here is a list of suppliers.  They can be printed on at any screenprinter.  The cost is around $1.25 per gel skin and it will probably cost around $0.25 to print them. Bitbop could give away about 25,000 of these away. That would leave about $12,500 for posters and othe advertising.

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