Create your own tv show!


1.- The viral BUZZ campaign starts when we deliver bitbook packs* to people for free that will contain: "a comic B&W** book style" with TV series summary and blank pages at the end for users to continue the series from their cliffhanger( in the way they wanted for the series to continue and finish).

The users can do it as a drawing in the same bitbook, animation, video, musical, or any way they want, but finally they will have to submit their part of the series into the bitbook community - online platform.

*The bitbook pack also includes a t-shirt (shirts, hats, pants, footwear - depending on the season) with parts of unique models and phrases. (E.g. As Charlie Sheen used to say to Alan "Get out of my house", or De Niro at the Fucker with "Taking to me?"...) So, people will start to match their models and phrases for a picture to spread the BUZZ viral campaign for bitbop to win extra points.

** It can be colored in free time, while in taxi, tram, plane or by kids at home.


2.- When they get to bitbook community ( online platform "") they will have to register and submit** their "unique bitbop series or episode story" or to create a new story from it if they prefer.

**Bitbop will give users the guidance and help to do it.


3.- Then, after users finish their submission online, they will start sharing around social networks, spreading the viral(all the registered users will get a free bitbop service while the campaign it's "on air").

If they decide to join bitbop, the lucky ones may receive special prizes like: media classes(film, photography, television) art classes(drawing sketching)


4.- Once this is spread, people in general would be able to rate and comment the episodes, for the one that they like the most.


5.- Finally the best episodes stories(more rating avg comments and extra points) will win prizes.

More coming soon...



©Xavier Iturralde, Ecuador & Tizu Tiberiu, Romania. 2011

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