Monster Rave Please Rerate
Monster Rave and Party involves not just the single male targets but everyone.


New Idea- Watch the Video.  Set up cameras at the party and rave and upload video to youtube to expand the exposure. Take pictures to upload to social media sites.

Old Idea
Who tweets, competes, posts, texts, more than children and teens?  Who spreads things by word of mouth better?  The suckers could be distributed through cell phone shops, computer stores, malls, coffe shops, etc.

You do a reverse Trick or Treat at malls, train, and metro stations.  You ask if people want a trick or a treat.  If they want a trick you
1. Roll them with toilet paper
2. Spray them with invisible ink
3. Hit them with an inflateable hammer.
4. Sqirt them with a fake flower.
5. Hand buzzers.
6. Trick gum.
7. Throw fake puke or dog crap at them.
8. Have them stick their hand in something gooey.  (wipes on hand)
9. Make them disappear.
10. ETC...
   You tape the tricks. Bitboop has a screen set up behind them to display the videos as the are taken.  The video are also posted to facebook, twitter, youtube, etc so people can go and see them.  If they want a treat of course you hand them a lollibop.