URBAN CINEMA - "Facebook-Party"


Guerrilla cinema at night in the street canyons of the city.
Cinema in unusual places - cities

Unusual places openair cinema + + Mobile + Fun + Party = URBAN CINEMA

- In social networks (Facebook, flashmob websites, ...) reported that a cinema will take place in unusual places.
- The user may say in which films will be shown (selection)
The more friends you and invites
to bring their favorites to vote, the better chance you have of his favorite movie.
- The city is betrayed, but not the exact location, this is only announced two days before.
- There are free drinks
- Flyer for free with 1 month Bitbop is distributed.
- Before the main movie a bitbop-trailer is shown.
- There are a number of cities visited by little.
- By the beamer movies onto walls or screens to be thrown.
- Everything is done without permission from the city. Small sentences for misdemeanors are accepted. Newspapers, news sites, blogs, ... report on the unofficial movie nights. The virus is transmitted to other cities.

There are free beverages (energy drink, orange juice, for extra bitbop ...), which are in the look and feel was designed. Each participant will receive only one drink. Each participant in a drink like a Bitbop gets stamp on the back of the hand. Why? So that everyone gets just one drink and above all to make the brand known Bitbop. NBD-Bitbop to the open-air participants of friends, work colleagues are addressed to the punch and thus the message be passed on.

Other points:
The entire event will be recorded and uploaded to video sharing. This gives us no long video - by motion.

Instead of a cinema film could also bitbop various episodes from the program are shown.

The film could be shown in a frame, the frame is a smartphone nachempfungen.

Small informal open-air parties, each major city such as Friedberger Platz in Frankfurt: http://www.fr-online.de/frankfurt/party-auch-am-mittwoch/-/1472798/8518054/-/
This unofficial party locations are involved, because the audience is exactly where the address you want. Even at such venues, the urban cinema nights are celebrated. In such venues, of course, one must have a permit.

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