Experience it!
Bitbop is a new name and a new product in the German market that people are not aware of. The idea is to introduce Bitbop to the audience and make them actually experience what Bitbop is about and can do for them in order to freshen up their spare time. T


The idea contains 3 elements:

1) Tram/Bus: Take an x-amount of public transport vehicles and brand them in a Bitbop style. New trams and busses are equiped with video screens which can be used to broadcast Bitbop content. Each bus or tram contains a Bitbop host (real person) that explains about the product and hands out free-trials and perhaps a Bitbop goodie.

2) Do a co-op with a large coffee house chain and place video screens in x-amounts of shops. While waiting in line to get a coffee or enjoying it in the shop customers get to experience Bitbop. Potentially also a bitbop host works in the same way as in case number 1

3) The Bitbop BUS. Rent a Bus and brand it completely Bitbop style. The bus can offer free transport between important transportation hubs (e.g. Berlin Zoo - Berlin Alexanderplatz) 2-3 Bitbop people will be in the Bus and will make sure the ride turns into the ultimate Bitbop EXPERIENCE

Production cost:
- Should remain within the initial �50K
- The campaign in scalable so the marketing cost are under control

- Campaign should be guided by active press management / releases
- Facebook/Youtube can be used to generate additional reach and people can share their experience via both text and video.
- People will talk about it and both the brand and the product will be in focus
- People can see and feel in real life what Bitbop can do for them

In the end it is all about the experience!

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