Bitbop cookie
Fortune cookies get handed out at high tech conferences, business districts, commuter planes and trains full of young executives (or left in mailboxes, on car doors, bike handles, around town). On the web, people send them to their friends.


Even if you don't eat your fortune cookie, you open it to read the message. Everyone does that!

The messages in the cookies do not directly explain what bitbop is about. They have an ambiguous message (check pictures above)and the bitbop web address. The messages should make the reader curious so that he's more likely to check the page. Some of the cookies could have "winning tickets".
It'd be a cheap  campaign and would hopefully make people talk about it, if nothing else to compare what they each got in the cookie!
To tie it with the digital realm: visitors to the page could send their friends "cookies" from the site that may contain a message or a winning ticket for  a free subscription or a visit to the film set of a show, or a trip for two somewhere (the sender just sends random cookies, he does not know what is in them.)So, basically, this cookie sending could be kind of a birthday gift: it costs nothing, but it may have something in it that's worth money.

The following are partick's comments, which I think help a lot (thanks!):

With 30.000 Euro you can order approx. 300.000 Fortune Cookies ... The rest 20.000 Euro should be invested in the people spreading those 300.000 cookies in mailboxes, on car doors, bike handles, in cities.... 

Some other ideas for the texts: 
"Today you will experience a long wait... better be prepared:" 
"Somebody will be bored to death today. Go and change it:" 
"You will miss your favorite TV Show." 

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