Pay Customers
Pay customers for promoting Bitbop across their social networks through personalized commercials.



The idea here is simple, pay customers when they refer others who join the service. With customers actively getting other people to join Bitbop the company can benefit from free advertising across friends and coworkers and through different social networks.

There are two possible options for paying customers:

1)      Pay customers a one-time fee (suggested amounts are �10, �5, or �2). The amount that customers can earn should be enough to motivate them and encourage them to tell family members, co-workers, friends, neighbors, etc., about the service. If the one-time payment option is selected Bitbop could set up the program so that the credits that someone gets would only happen if another member pays for one month of service and could apply all the credits toward monthly service charges for up to one year. If a customer happens to get enough referrals to completely pay for one year of service cut them a check for the additional money they earned, you will have an emphatic customer for a long time!!


2)      Pay customers each month that their referral pays for the service (suggested amounts are �1, �0.5 or �0.25 per month). Again, the amount should be enough to encourage people to tell everyone they know and as suggested above the credits could go toward their monthly plan (or if their credits exceed their monthly plan costs have them rollover for up to a year). If someone gets enough referrals to pay for their own service for one year then they can get a check from Bitbop!!

The key to viral campaigns is motivation and by giving people the opportunity to make money from getting referrals out there they will continually spread the word to others, who will then spread the word to those they know, and so on and so forth. This would certainly take place in person, but the main way of promoting this service would be through social media sites (twitter, facebook, IM status updates, etc.), capitalizing on free, broad advertising for Bitbop.


Optional: This could be combined with the two other programs I have submitted, the �Free Weeks� and �Ultimate Commuting Accessory.�