Free Service
Give customers additional free service for referring others, which they do through personalized commercials.



Similar to another idea submitted (Pay Customers), the idea here is a simple one�give people an incentive to tell others about Bitbop. As fun as self-made movies are, flashmobs, and the like are there are so many advertizing campaigns using these exact methods that a company needs to go beyond this to get the attention of potential customers; word of mouth advertizing has repeatedly been shown to be the most effective method. By giving people one free week of service per paying customer they refer to Bitbop there will be enough of an incentive to motivate people to talk to their family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, etc. about the service.

If people can personally get something out of telling friends and family about a service they already like they will be more motivated to spread the word about Bitbop. With customers actively getting other people to join Bitbop the company can benefit from free advertising across social networks and as a gesture of appreciate successful referrers are rewarded with an extended �free period.�


Reward customers for promoting the service, simple as that.


The key to viral campaigns is motivation and by giving people the opportunity to make money from getting referrals out there they will continually spread the word to others, who will then spread the word to those they know, and so on and so forth.  This would certainly take place in person, but the main way of promoting this service would be through social media sites (twitter, facebook, IM status updates, etc.), capitalizing on free, broad advertising for Bitbop.


Optional: This could be combined with the two other programs I have submitted, the �Pay Customers� and �Ultimate Commuting Accessory.�

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