Be Famous for Fifteen Minutes!
Andy Warhol speculated that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes, while now a lot more people can achieve that goal thanks to Bitbop's "Be famous for 15 minutes"


"Be famous for 15 minutes" (FFFM) is a single page website that shows a giant street billboard. The billboard is left open for anyone to submit their text/images/social media links etc, and each user has full use of the billboard for 15 minutes each.

A moderator would simply log in during the day and select submitions that they deemed appropriate. These submitions would then be added to the queue and be displayed for 15 minutes each. The moderator would need to select 96 entries per day to fill the available time.

Users could use the billboard to promote their cause, be it their band, a piece of artwork or simply a shout out to friends.

I have included an image as to how I believe the site would look. All graphics and photography are my original work.

Thanks for looking!

** UPDATE 20/07/11 **

Thanks for the comments! Admittedly I had overlooked the possiblity of a physical screen in a public space, this would add an offline aspect to the campaign and also drive people to the website.

The set up would be a large screen like the one shown, where users can txt or upload there images around the theme "Transform your time" (what people like to do in their downtime). There would be a webcam facing the screen so that the images are also shown via a website.

As before, Each submition would get a 15 minute slot on the display.

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