Magical Mystery Tour acts


Basic Idea

1.- To create an urban Guerrilla TV/Movie LIVE show touring in the main cities of Germany.

2.- In each city there will be just 1 or 2 acts to continue them in a new city stop

3.- If you saw the act passed by your city and you couldn't be there, you can see it at past acts and the upcoming new ones at the other cities "LIVE" and, of course, recorded).

4.- NFC -Near Field Communication- in the waiting spots to connect with your mobile phone with bitbop to enjoy the Tour! When user passed by the NFC point will receive a message like: - "Hello user, transform your downtime and enjoy bitbop mobile tv magical mystery tour acts here!"...

5.- There will be special prizes during the urban acts for people to enjoy BITBOP TV mobile services.

6.- We will engage people to see the urban act doing some graffities and throwing heart-shaped flyers with the message "ALL U BIT IS BOP" around the main German cities, inviting them to join to the BITBOP MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR ACTS.

More updates coming soon..   :)