bitbop Scavenger Code
Codes for free service will be secretly scattered around the city. Finding a code will give the first 1,000 people who enter the code a week of free service.


Targeting young go-getters? Make them go find it!

Bibop Codes will be discreetly placed around the city. In alleys, in restrooms, on the bottom of someones shoe, plastered 60 feet up on a beam? The possibilities are endless.

Young Berliners will go wild finding the 200+ codes strewn throughout the urban jungle.  The number of codes and amount each code can be used is variable.

The code logo will be bitbop pink with the bitbop Scavenger Code logo and will include the smartphone code. The look will be similar to the title slide in this presentation.

There could be some prominently displayed codes that have 2,000 uses (ie display poster on street that further creates interest in the hunt).  There could also be limited codes that are extremely hidden that are only good for 100 uses.

How does bibop get the word out about the promotion? Simple: A press release and press conference. Bibop will hold a press conference and tell people about the contest happening in Berlin. The story will be given to local media and is sure to gain interest quickly. Any time you have: A hunt with clues coupled with free stuff it is bound to generate interest. Of course a Facebook and Twitter page will be set up so people can get the clues and follow the contest.

Clues will be given via Facebook and Twitter page on the whereabouts of the new codes.

One way to distribute codes would be to get local businesses involved. Businesses would want to participate because it would drive people into their business and create revenue for them. Once at the business the scavenger would have to find or be pointed to the clue. Another possibility could be the use of online password clues. For example "go to Dieters Record Emporium, ask for 'Johnny'". Of course "Johnny" would just be the code word for them to show you (or give another clue) to where the bibop code is in the store. Store promotions could also be bundled with the clues:  Once they found the code at the store they would be offered a free drink or other promotional item. Usually if someone gets a free drink they will buy another.

If this scavenger hunt gains a large enough following and is done in just the right way there is a natural flashmob element that will occur. "Midnight, Fraulein Jakubs Saloon, free rock show and a hidden bibop code... somewhere." People get a free show and the bibop code, Fraulein Jakubs Saloon gets hundreds of people through their door and bibop generates the interest they want. Win, win, win. 

The main goal is to ignite the hunting/gathering instinct within participants (mostly male) to want to find the codes. The thrill of the hunt, the first one to find it, the top dog. The goal is to make it about more than just getting a free week of service. Its about getting people excited and wanting more. Thrilling them.

The keys to the hunt:

The code will be a digital phone code that can only work when someone is present and takes a picture of the code with a smart phone.

Getting the code gives the user one week of free service. We want to make people want find multiple codes so codes can be stacked with no limit. If you find ten codes you get ten weeks of free service and so on.

If someone tries to remove the code (a sticker) from where it is stuck there will be special strips within the paper that destroy the code. This is similar to sticker style security tags. Because of vandalism the codes will have to be regularly checked and replaced if damaged. Vandalism must be anticipated and expected in a contest of this nature. 

Bonus: The person who finds the most codes will get a lifetime subscription to bitbop. Also an online leader board (on Facebook and will create competition.    

So lets make young Berliners go out and find it. And find bibop.

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