bitbop wuz here
Leaving geo-located bitbop information in places where people can discover and access.


Whenever a person watches a bitbop program in public it leaves behind an identifiable quote from the content in that location.  When people find and access that quote - they get to watch the clip for free.  This can be activated by the viewer or seeded by bitbop in any location.

The quotes themselves are viewable through a downloaded Augmented Reality app like WikiTude or Tweeps Around  or Layar (partner opportunity) or ideally BitBop�s own app. This is downloaded to the person�s smartphone. The quotes are also shareable and can be sent to someone as a gift via twitter or facebook. 

Outdoor prompts include graffiti-like directions evoking content from bitbop offerings which send people to twitter to stream todays free content.

Quotes are housed inside the bitbop logo. For example:

  • Hey guys. It's me Tracy, the black guy from work. - Tracy Morgan.  #bitbopwuzhere
  • Uh, there's a half-dead-fat-man eating a I the only one who realized? - Stewie #bitbopwuzhere
  • I can be in 20 movies. But I'll never be an actor. - Jon Stewart #bitbopwuzhere
Supported by PR, App dev, twitter, facebook, radio, print.

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