Human Zombie statues
Zombie statues who are activated by twitter posts to bitbop.


Pink Zombie statues which do impersonations from tv shows when bitbop's twitter feed is accessed. The bitbop feed indicates what program is the zombie�s speciality. People need to post to feed to get Zombies to do impersonation.  Twitter URL is located prominently at human statue (either by QR code or shortcode).  

People accessing the bitbop feed can give the Zombies orders to move to new locations ("go to the central park"), interact with other zombies ("meet zombie x at park") or perform low-level services ("hug a tree", give tours of celebrity locations in downtown cities).

After rotating a few programs/impersonations over a week, the Zombies go loose and wander about in other public spaces. They come together and do large group dance (a la 'Thriller').

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