free daily 'news'
Publish a free daily ‘newspaper’ given out at commuter distribution points and public spaces.


Germany lacks an established free daily newspaper. This 'free daily' will resonante with younger audience - and the generally bored - and commuters - or anyone looking for stimulus while waiting around.  

The bitbop newspaper is 6-8  pages long and contains twitter-ized scripts from content found on bitbop.  Here is a sample from '30 Rock':

Liz:  Oh. Chris Matthews owes me ten bucks.

Gray: You�ll never get it. (pause) My name is Gray, by the way.

Liz:  Of course it is. I�m Liz Lemon. Actually, it�s kind of embarrassing but my friend Jenna and I didn�t know your name so we�ve been calling you the Hair.

Gray: (�offended�) �The Hair�? How would you like it if I called you �Glasses�?

Inside the script are codes which allow the reader to unlock the content itself. These codes are indicated by bolded words - which when strung together lead to bitbop URLs where you can unlock content (eg from the above - '' takes you to a 30 Rock page).

The paper also includes a 'schedule' of content offered on bitbop, and easy to follow instructions for downloading/viewing content (ie the hard sell). 

Bonus: each newspaper has a double-wide poster of character from show

Papers are distributed in all high-volume pedestrian traffic or leave behinds in places where target frequents (ie gyms, bars, cafe). 


  • Depending on the size of the target audience, print runs would start at 10,000 with a frequency of 5 consecutive days. 
  • 10,000 1/1c black & white, tabloid size (430x280mm) non-stapled newsprint (90g offset paper) is 1350 Euro
  • 2/2c for the same is 1500 Euros
  • quotes are from Polish print specialist, Robert Bielecki,
  • the above can guarantee a consistent presence for at least 2 weeks within budget

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