in traffic
roadshow in motion and mad action


bitbop as an on demand service will be mostly used while being on the road.
This is the place for action.
A good looking guy, perhaps, like shown, dirty with muscles or in a business-suite destroys a (oldfashioned) TV ..... perhaps some blood (kill your TV).
He is hammering like mad. 
The truck passes bus stops, railway stations, and high traffic city spots.
The fake TV has to be undestroyable of course and the guy on the cargo area has to be saved (perhaps with some webbings, perhaps on a seat).
The pickup load area structure is made of plexiglass.
Places for action are german regional center at the time of business trafic.

if you are on the road ... you need nothing more

bitbop on social media:
Let�s start a challenge with pictures, movies and stories on social media.
Upload interactions wich show us that you don�t need your TV anymore.
If weird or sweet ... whatever. 
The pickup truck event is the sensational starter and i guess there will be many funny ways to get rid of your monster furniture.

don't waste time ... there's bitbop