Bitbop Immerse Yourself
How do you promote a new and innovative product? That’s right, with new and innovative ways of marketing. With this thought in mind we came up with the "Immerse yourself" campaign.


The Immerse Yourself campaign focuses on Bitbop's all-round entertainment offering and uses an innovative new marketing tool to connect to Bitbop's target audience.

The marketing tool we believe fits thethese requirements perfectly is Guerilla Knitting.

What is Guerilla Knitting?
Graffiti knitting or guerilla knitting is a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk. (wikipedia)

By engulfing person's and objects we hope to convey the message of being completely surrounded by Bitbop's entertainment.

using guerilla knitting as the marketing tool guarantees a buzz, it's buzz worthiness has already proven itself in the art world (USA).Additionally, it lends itself very well for viral videos on YouTube and other video channels.

Please have a look at this youtube video to see how it will create a buzz and the positive exposure that it leads to. The video is from BBC News (Country-wide buzz):


So how will this be used as a marketing tool for Bitbop?

1)      Yarn bomb famous objects in large cities, using the colors and logos of Bitbop.

2)      Work together with municipalities to make sure you get the best objects and that you will not be removed. The collaboration works both ways as both the city as Bitbop will have exposure.

3)      Attached to the yarn will be a label (like with clothing, but bigger) with the slogan:  Immerse yourself:

> If a more explanatory campaign is expected, people can be posted at these objects with flyers and explanations to explain how the product works.

4)      Send out press releases and invite press to have a look at these pieces of art and let the buzz run wild.


Where could this be done ?

Some pictures of good examples are added. The Berlin Bear (These are all over Berlin), a piece of the Berlin wall at potsdamer Platz, and the Artwork at Kurfürstendamm. Of course there are many more possibilities. These are famous objects that will definitely be noticed, both by passer-bys as well as press. Even people could walk around in full body suits, catching the attention of passer by's.

In conclusion: Yarn bombing is relatively new and still unknown in Europe and will most definitely catch people�s attention. Combined with the strong message that it conveys for the Bitbop brand this marketing campaign will definitely be a hit.

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