Speak it out and make me laugh
Transforming downtime has to happen fast, Bitbop got it, it brings you everything you want right at your finger tips no matter where you are.


With this contest we bring a little bit more fun in that. Bitbop will get two of the most famous German comedian, a woman and a man. Each will make a joke about the service in a good way/bad,� two versions of the joke one with 60 seconds and another one with 30 seconds.

A website will be created for the contest. On this website those who want to participate will see only the 60 seconds versions and the challenge will be for the participants to recreate the 60 seconds version into a 30 seconds version.

Participants can use the comedian's words, add their own but must keep the meaning of the comedian's version of the joke.

At the end of the submission time, the 30 seconds versions from the comedians will be made public. Participants as well as visitors to the youtube channel and the website will vote for their favorites and the closest match (up to five) to the comedians' 30 seconds version.