The Machine
Install a huge "Rube Goldberg" machine at a railway station or airport.


The "Rube Goldberg" machine

First of all, who do not knows what it this is.  Look the video here!

Now the idea:

Installation of a giant "Rube Goldberg" machine in a public place, preferably an airport or train station.  So a place where most people WAIT! ;) The question of who builds the machine? On the Internet there are now countless fan bases. Example: 

It is caused maybe three times a day and the whole action could run one week. In some areas of the machine, you can also make suggestions on the TV series running on Bitbop. e.g. Coffin (Six Feet Under), Spongebob doll, etc. Great would be the new central station in Berlin, with its many floors. :-)

It would also possible include passers-by, as shown in the linked video. Media attention and public attention would be guaranteed. The whole thing then additionally packaged in a �hip� video should be spread fairly quickly, "organic" and "viral" on the net (Facebook, Youtube and co.) The brand Bitbop would be known very quickly. And are always associated with fun together.

Do not forget : Bitbop - Transform your (down) time!

I think it appeals to a tech-savvy target group and is unconventional, innovative, credible, hip, intelligent, playful, cheeky and cause attention.

And the budget of a maximum of � 50,000 it should not exceed.