Be the player
Find it - Choose it - Play it


Many of us seen , but did not play in tv series - is our time to play the game.

Using smartphones, G-L locations and augmented reality we'll start our recreations of tv shows episodes throughout Germany. 

  First step : Find the location and join the tv show recreation
  Second step : Choose your character or just randomize (receive the    clothes/weapons/gadgets)
  Third step  Fulfill the episodes quest.

For example : getting in point x - you'll receive a virtual message to join "Supernatural" series  - choose your character between Dean, Sam, a demon or an angel . In case  you chosed to be Dean, will have to search for "Sam". After finding "Sam" - both of you will receive  your  mission from a person named  "Bobby" who will give you - your weapons, car keys and gadgets.  From there on using the car GPS and phone gps will have to get to a town nearby  and try to solve its misteries. You can use the help of a virtual angel or deamon. Other person's can try to stop you while on your way to solve the case.
Have a friend to film it  post it online and feel bitbop flowing through your veins.
For those special moments you may be surprised with  a camera to capture and share them instantly.

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