Main part of this campaign is a series of funny trashy videos that will feature the unusual superhero Bitbopman. Illuminating the skies of major cities in Germany with the Bitbop logo will kick off the campaign and create the first buzz.


Overall, the guerrilla campaign will enhance the brand with a cool and fresh image and get broad media coverage.

The campaign will be launched with the event that sky beamers are placed in the four largest cities in Germany. They will illuminate the sky with the Bitbop logo at night time (think Batman!).

At the same time we will already have taken precautions that people who search for information online will actually be able to make the link between Bitbopman and the logo in the sky. After people started wondering and talking about these happenings, a series of short witty video clips with Bitbopman as main character will be released online. The storyline of each of the videos deals with how this rather unusual type of superhero saves people by bringing Bitbop into their lives!


Campaign outline

Firstly, sky beamers will be located in the 4 major cities in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich). They will be covered with a (Bitbop) pink stencil so that they project the Bitbop logo into the skies at night-time. Those spot lights will be switched on in the evenings; preferably on weekends when many people are out and about- for a couple of weeks.

Further, a large number of stickers in the shape of the Bitbop logo will also be placed all over town in the 4 cities. The text on them reads �Who has seen Bitbopman?�This will help to make the link between the brand logo in the skies and Bitbopman. For sure it will make people curious what this Bitbopman guy is all about!

Moreover, all necessary actions will be taken beforehand, so that we will be able to make sure that people are going to eventually come across the series of short videos about Bitbopman online. These include:

- a website with a countdown timer (in the beginning, we will make sure though the right keywords, etc. that this page is going to rank well on Google if people search for �sign, logo, pink, in the sky, the names of the cities the campaign will be run in, etc.) Throughout the first week of illuminating the sky, one person will have to update the keywords, maybe hint at the page if people ask questions like �I saw a pink logo in the sky in Hamburg, who knows what this is about?�on Yahoo Answers. With a bit of preparation and monitoring especially during the first week after the launch, it will be easy to make the link between the Bitbop logo in the sky and the internet pages where the Bitbopman videos will be posted.

- a Youtube channel with a short video - kind of a mystery clip with �Stay tued - Bitbopman coming on July 1st�. This channel will also be equipped with the according keywords so people actually find it.

- a Facebook page with similar content as the website

One week after the skies were illuminated for the first time, a series of five short videos about a character with a superhero-like appearance called �Bitbop Man� will be released step by step.

Bitbopman � The Character

The name �Bitbopman� suggests that this character has much in common with other super heroes like Batman, Spiderman, Superman and the likes. But he is more than that: he has pink & red costume that exemplifies his superhero status but besides that, he is more the bizarre type. His physique does not quite keep up with his colleagues. His belly shows a bit; he�s unshaved and has a 70�s trucker moustache. He likes to be a show-off but his muscles are more of the inflatable kind.  Anyways, he�s got the superhero attitude with a minor lack in looks. He is appears sometimes cranky but is overall a lovable, charming guy; someone like you and me who is heroic - but in an unusual way. We think that a normal superhero would be boring and not make people curious and memorable. Our special character (we were thinking of someone like Earl of My Name is Earl) will be edgy, funny and hence something, people talk about and maybe even achieves to become a cult character.



Bitbopman happens to get into situations where he is the only who�s able to save people from the shit they get into. Not being a typical superhero, he does not care (only) about barely dressed fit ladies but also about people who should have Bitbop in their lives but don�t know yet� Obviously, it is Bitbopman�s duty to tell them!

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