TIMEBANDITS man in grey vs the pink ones
Keep your time, the grey ones steal your timepoints .... TIMEBANDITS are on the way.


grey ones are the"bad guys". they stand for the routine, the boring, the normal life.
the pink ones are the "good guys", fun in life and at your time. if you register you are one of the good ones.

the grey team in overalls stray through the city and steal with ther mobile advices your timepoints (via app).

oline&offline ad will announce the game about time. registered players get the complete equipment to play with from bibop and a certain amount of timepoints.

if you meat a grey one in bars, in the street or in the metro, and you don't hide, they steal your timepoints. But you can keep it and get it back using your app.

the grey ones who lost all their timepoints are getting "pinkhelpers"!

the pink one with the most points at the end gets big prices, gratis TV, free mebership at bitbop, handys, trip to .....