to go
bitbop - mobile TV shows to go. a slogan. plain and simple. Everybody should know the slogan “coffee-to-go”. Bitbop is a mobile app, which allows you watching your selected TV shows on demand wherever you want.


So which message is simpler and easier to understand as �Bitbop. TV to go�!? Bitbop - an innovative product for a future mass market.
So if you want to start a guerilla marketing campaign put the slogan on a coffee cup to-go starting in a bigger city�
also place giant coffee cups to go in public places in all big cities - like Alexanderplatz Berlin, Rheinterrassen in Cologne, Reeperbahn in Hamburg, ... The giant coffee cups will have the slogan on it: Bitbop - TV to go! - The coffee cups will have dispensers where you can info material about bitbop and maybe a coupon for free trail