Famous overnight
How to make Bitbop and its services famous overnight via facebook, twitter and a simple app for tablets and smart phones


With this idea I would like to make Bitbop famous overnight through Facebook, twitter and a smartphone and tablet app.

When pay with tweet was introduced it changed our view of the value of a tweet, and with this idea I want to apply the same concept with a new approach  that will combine twitter, Facebook a smartphone and tablet app but also a totally different end result than the one expected when using pay with a tweet system.


Bitbop will create a Facebook page and twitter page that gives an overview of their services, using the application participants will write a twitter format comment line (limit 140) and describe how Bitbop service can transform their downtime. 

Whenever a comment is entered via the application it will be synced with both twitter and Facebook. The application will then measure each entry based on the effect it causes, such as how many time it is liked on Facebook or retweet on twitter. 

After a two weeks run, all the entries that will be high rated by the application will be combined to create various posters made of nothing more but words and the logo of Bitbop. 

These posters will then be  placed in various places as a publicity for Bitbop's service and those high rated tweet and Facebook post will be rewarded.

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