Männlich, ledig, jung sucht...
Place sheets of paper with headlines that make people curious (e.g. Wanted! Male, in his mid 30s, loves entertainment around the clock) on lamp posts all over town. people who pass by can rip off a strip and get a free trial of Bitbop. texts will vary


Sheets of paper will be posted in places which people use as notice boards:
- sign/lamp posts
- supermarkets
- universities

The copy reads as follows:

- LARGE HEADLINE (that is supposed to catch the reader's interest immediately)
- small text that describes more or less a member of the target audience of Bitbop
- bits of paper to be ripped off  with either a url (www.twoweeksfreetv.de for instance) or a QA code (both could be tested).

the idea behind this is to make people curious at first, then to make them feel like they are exacly what the posting is looking for and lastly, to tell them that they have been chosen to test Bitbop for free!

More specific ideas to follow.

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