Throughout Germany in airports, train stations, bus stations or at subway will have big touchscreens - where people can play -  battleship - the game.
Each person willing to play the game will have a RFID Tag to start the game  and connect to their Facebook  account. 

This game will be a little more provocative than the normal one :
   Challenges - throughout the game time  your facebook friends or the game will give  you challenges - like  in n  minutes run to the next Battleship touchscreen;  imitate  an actor from a TV show  etc
   If you do not fulfill the challenge - one part of your ship will be destroyed.

    Prizes - you can  win a secret prize, or another chance to hit the opponents battleship
     The game can  be seen on facebook by your friends, so they can give you advice.
     If one of the opponents have to leave, you can let the game unfinished and continue  it  later.