To arise public awareness of BipBop in any country not just in Germany, we need to have a NEW approach however FAMILIAR system. New for the freshness, familiar system to easy understanding.


What do people in general love to do??


With Bitbop we are able to stream and/ download movies, series, web series, TV with our very own mobile smart phones in which almost everybody have one or know someone that have one.

I'm proposing BITBOPPIN!!! There will be events going on every few days not a week not a month, we want to create a buzz ASAP.

The event will be:
1. Bitbop staff will upload a short 10-15sec clips showing him/herself in a landmark in Germany (ex. Wall of Berlin) as their background which will give a clue for the next destination.

2. Bitboppers will see the clip and try to find the place, it could be anything from a landmark, mom & pops store, supermarket, anything!!! However those places have to be someplace where someone can give BITBOPPERs the next clue.

3. At the destination, bitboppers will have to show the owner or staff of their previous uploaded clue and then upload their very own clip with the destination as their background and say the next clues in their own way, within the 15sec time limit. (We do not want to have to sit thru a whole min just to wait for the clue at the very last second). Not only that, it will be fun and spontaneous.

4. At the destinations BITBOPPERs will get get rewards for finding them such as: discounts/gift certificate/coupons at retail stores, themeparks, restaurants, museums etc. By doing this not only Bitbop will gain awareness/BUZZ however Bitbop also helps other gain awareness. Which leads to a new fresh marketing idea. As bitboppers lining up in their stores to get their clues, they will meet other Bitboppers and share their findings and can also work together and creat even more fun Bitboppin community. This also creat awareness of how popular certain places are and will generate interest to passer-by to visit the place and will be introduced to the BITBOP community.

5. The catch is, the clips can only be shown to the same level bitbopper therefore no cheating!!! so.. for example, John Doe can only watch clips of Wall of Berlin IF he already upload his own Wall of Berlin clip/clue.

6. The clue will continue forever!!! never ending!! probably in the begining will only be at the capital city, it will grew to the outer cities and then nationwide, countinentwide and WORLDWIDE!!!!


8. As BITBOPPERs browse thru other BITBOPPER's uploads, they can see each other's fav movies, series and of course "mutual shows" that are available thru BitBop.

Retailers can put their stores into BITBOPPIN again if choose to do so but with extra fee to BitBop.

When this BITBOPPIN grew bigger and bigger, BitBop can charge retailers and the destinations for a fee for marketing their places, therefore decrease the monthly fees, which leads to more subscribers.

Of course in the beginning it will all be free of charge WITH REWARDS!!! but then again, the rewards will also get bigger as the Bitbop community grew, the Bitbop company grew and able to give reward to their subscribers on top of the BitBoppin Rewards.

I believe this idea will be an outbreak!!!

Thank you for reading and interested in my idea,

Anto Antonio Adam

P.S. Vote for me!! :) write me a review if have compliments, suggestions, questions. Thank you very much.