waiting line photo contest
Bitpob waiting lines photo contest!


1. Take a picture of the funniest, longest, comical... waiting lines!!! maybe with you on the end. If you are watching bitbop would be a big bonus :) but also the most exciting lines is good enough!
2. Upload them to facebook (only possible if you become a fan of bitpob on facebook) or a subpage of the official facebook page.
!!! Imaginable is also an APP to upload the picture  immediately.  With a status message to your friends! "Sookie was part of waiting line......"
3. The photos could be commented and voted by all fans/friends of bitbop!
4. Prizes (according to bitbop offers)

Spreading bitbop service!!!!!! among the people in the waiting lines, because they were asking, what you are doing..... Show the value of bitbop in the same time!
While having a better waiting time! Spreading about social network facebook because of photo upload and contest & status messages!!!!!!

Maybe they could also be staged! Could be another contest!!! 
The 2nd round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photos: google search, only for explaining the idea