100 nackte Frauen in der U-Bahn + Bodypainting + Fotocontest + PR
100 nackte Frauen in Berlin bevölkern die U-Bahn + Online-Fotcocontest Google translation


Berlin - Saturday afternoon

We need 100 young, good-looking women (Bitbopin), maybe even a few men (I'm still not sure). This pull out almost completely, only to slip shoes and stay :-).

On the back of every woman (Bitbopin) the logos of the various programs are mapped (Body Painting) + Web site Bitbop + prompt "Do a picture of me", "Make me," "me tests", "Look at me," ...
Logos of the various programs: for example http://www.bitbop.de/genres/comedy or http://www.bitbop.de/genres/reality

Equipped only with shoes, panties, body painting and a smartphone roam the naked people, the Berlin U-Bahn network, in small groups. The Bitbopin looks all the time on your mobile phone - it looks clear Bitbop.

At a given time, you meet all march together in front of the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate. In front of the Brandenburg Gate are all together and look Bitbop sun, just as one would do it in the pool, so drink with a towel, sunscreen, something ...

The representatives of the press and a horde of tourists and locals will photograph the strange happenings.

The audience was asked to get a picture (photo). This photo of the Bitbopin should be used for uploading to any community photo / video community and send the link to Bitbop. Those who could not make the photo, because they were not in Berlin, can download a mounted photo, alienate and upload. The one user of the most clicks, views received gets the prize. The user will seek to make the unusual photo known to win. He is the link in forums, blogs, social networks, ... . spread Anyone who sends a link to Bitbop get one months free Bitbop.

- Will cast the best young, beautiful acting student. :-) - Note to the press that something unusual is going on around x Clock in Berlin.
- Naked Woman = Bitbopin
- Target audience is male, so every man looks at a naked, young, attractive woman - Inspired by "No Pants Day"

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