Experience the Relativity of Time
Based on Bitbop’s slogan “Transform your Time!” came up the idea to refer to Einstein’s Theory of relativity and his witty explanations about the Relativity of Time.


Based on Bitbop�s slogan �Transform your Time!� came up the idea to refer to Einstein�s Theory of relativity and his witty explanations about the Relativity of Time. "When a man sits with a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. But let him sit on a hot stove for a minute and it's longer than any hour. That's relativity."


To transform your downtime into funny and entertaining moments spent on watching your favorite TV programs is exactly a clear example how relevant time could be.


The main concept is in an intriguing and amusing way to draw attention to Bitbop as a brand and to present the service to the target group.

Using a well-known, real life character, proved himself with pure genius and sense of hummer, Einstein�s avatar, is going to take a tour around the numerous features that service provides, in a funny way.


How exactly to be achieved?

To attract attention, special kiosks will be placed at key points, where people usually experience downtime. They�ll be with Einstein�s image and the expression �Experience the Relativity of Time�  


We�re offering two types of kiosk to reach the target group.


Kiosk model 1:

To be made of semi transparent plexiglass with vertical slots and blinds at the entrance, instead of a door.

The main purpose is the kiosk to be sufficiently light, airy and transparent so to hints that something interesting happens inside but to remain a mystery what.

When a person goes inside, he/she will feel slightly isolated from the outside world.

The interior of the kiosk is divided into two small premises, each one with a display inside.

Step1: When a person enters the first room, a motion detector will sense his/her presence and a timer on the display will countdown 30 (20) seconds, accompanied by suitable noise (clock ticking, heartbeat, ect.)

Purpose: The person inside to experience a slight boredom and impatience.

Step 2: After the seconds run out, automatically opens a �door� (barrier), giving access to the second premise. There, on the display inside Einstein�s avatar starts a tour around the features of Bitbop. Brief presentation of the brand and offered services in catchy and attractive way.

Exemplary: �Bitbop prove relativity of time by transforming downtime in action time and enjoy time��

Lastly, at end of the presentation Einstein�s avatar concludes:

�When a man got stuck in the first room, for 30 (20) seconds, it seems like a few minutes. But here, with Bitbop, a few minutes run away like seconds. That's relativity�


Kiosk model 2:

This option is very convenient for indoor places (like metro and train stations).

Interactive Kiosk, having Einstein�s image and the expression �Experience the Relativity of Time�, attracting attention. When started manually, it plays the same scenario. (introductory downtime seconds should be reduced)


This trailer will be uploaded in internet.


At the end of the presentation, an option: �If you enjoy Bitbop, you can like it at Facebook or Tweeter. You�ll receive as a gift Free month (or other period) of Bitbop experience�

This action automatically appears on the participant�s wall.  All his friends will introduce to Bitbop services and could have opportunity to like the clip and get a free month (or other period) unlimited access.


Main points:

-         attract attention

-         causes curiosity and interest

-         creates tension and raises questions

-         removes tension and gives answers

-         introduce and inform about the product

-         causes interaction from addressee and reception of the service

-         develops sequential attraction of customers across the web.

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