offline concept: newspaper box for information about TV-quiz online concept: attend the TV-quiz


In Munich they still have this old-fashioned newspaper boxes.
This is an easy and cheap way bringing information to the people. So "bitbop" boxes will stand in public places making people curious about the information they include. Open and take the flyer inside.
So you get informed about a TV-Quiz on the new platform

General concept:
1. Log In
2. Play yourself or invite 1-3 players to join your team. (facebook and twitter)
3. You have to answer 1-10 questions.
4. The  4 answers are not written, you see pictures from TV or film to choose.
5. The highscore depends on the right answers and the time you need.
6. The highscorers of every single day get an invitation to join the "ultimate-TV quiz" at the end of the playing-period.
7. Every player of one team get an invitation. So he can decide playing itself or built a team again. In the case of winning there should be prices which can be devided; maybe money, free abo´s 1/2/3 month/ for each. Should be something attractive to the people that they will come the platform and play the TV-Quiz.

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