bitbop CHARITY tour
We must remember that television is still not self-evident everywhere in this world!


The idea is to create a race where bitbop pays x-amount of euros for each kilometer driven by participants. The money goes into new TV sets in the third world. Bitbop creates themself a sympathetic image and the message of television everywhere will have an extra significance.

All of Germany's 16 municipalities will select a local celebrity as a team captain and will allso get a red bitbop bike, with a smartphone equipped to record the trip on.
All team captains will start the race in their own states on the same day.

Billboards inform and encourage people to participate before the race is started.
Covers for bicycle saddles with advertising for the race, is put on  bikes around the cities before the race is started.

The team consists of local people who regularly volunteer to take a ride on the bike. The tour can be booked via facebook, perticipants is able to upload video from there trip, and write about why they think it's a good idea to support the project.

It will be possible to follow the different states results online and encourage your friends via facebook to participate.

All results will be updated when participants register their trip when they are finished.

Citizens of the winning state will win a trial period of bitbop or receive some sort of discount if they order bitbop.

bitbop might let the project continue after the official races are completed!